Kim O’Brien: Mr. Anderson is OFF THE MARKET GIRLS!

Sex in Chicago

By Kimberley O’Brien


I think that I can safely say that Mr. Anderson is OFF THE MARKET GIRLS! I know, boo hoo hoo. Kevin was telling me today at lunch that there is this hot little chica that he is trying to get with and stuff and I was all like, oh really tell me more, but I really didn’t want to hear it and stuff because it was RUINING my day dreams and imagining him with somebody else and not serving as my cabana slave just made me MAD YOU GUYS, lol! WAIT! We need cabana slaves you guys! I would totally keep my cabana slave in a trunk or something and only take him out to use him or clean him! I am SO dirty you guys! Why does anyone let me talk on this thing in the first place I just get myself in T R O U B L E to the billion degrees, lol! I’m just kidding Kevin! I don’t want to turn you into a slave! I like you better when you are autonomous and looking FINE all on your own! LOL! I bet that stupid bitch girl won’t even know how good she’s got it with the ANDERSON OF LOOOOOOOVE! LOL! There I go again I am SO bad! I am so glad that he didn’t go to law school and stuff. His butt would be TOTALLY going to waste if it were sitting around in a court room while people complain about alimony or some bullshit like that. Kevin needs to be DANCING or behind that bar where he makes THE BEST cosmo ever made by any bartender ever in the whole history of bartending and cosmos or both separately or whatever! WOO, I am tipsy this afternoon! LOL!

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