I am SUCH a slave to my BFFs

Sex in Chicago

By Kimberley O’Brien


So work is REALLY dragging today. I’ve had two drinks and nothing is over yet and I hate that. I wish these stupid litigators should liti-get the hell out of here already, LOL! I am SO funny you guys! I think that I would like to go buy some shoes tomorrow. I haven’t gotten a new pair in one WHOLE week and I swear that I am having shoe shopping withdrawals right now that you girls could NOT even believe, lol! Cause I am totally, as Kevin said, a VALLEY GIRL! LOL! ISN’T THAT SO AWESOME YOU GUYS?!? I THOUGHT SO TOO! LOL! I am SUCH a slave to my BFFs though, and I don’t think that real valley girls are quite so loyal or whatever anyway. Then again, real valley girls are, like, sixteen years old and usually born female and stuff, AND I AM TOTALLY NOT THAT, RIGHT KEVIN? LOL! YOU KILL ME SO MUCH ALL OF THE TIME!

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